The World's First Fully Adaptive Bionic Hand

The confidence you need to express your full potential.

The right choice of the most suitable prosthesis for the psycho-physical well-being of each individual is fundamental, but often very complex.

There are different types of prostheses, each one with its pros and cons:
cosmetic prostheses are light, robust and have good aesthetics, but without any functionality;
mechanical prostheses are light and robust, but with reduced functionality and not at all anthropomorphic;
poly-articulated myoelectric prostheses have high functionality and excellent aesthetics, but are often not very robust and very difficult to use, due to the complex control system they implement.

Adam’s Hand is based on a revolutionary biomimetic approach,
which aims at an optimal balance between the characteristics of these types of devices: we have designed a robust and easy-to-control prosthesis, with high functionality and unique aesthetics.


Forget about choosing which grip pattern to use through complex muscles co-contractions, double or triple impulses!
Adam’s Hand patented “Fully-Adaptive Grip” technology makes the fingers automatically adapt to grasped objects’ shape and size.


The Adam's Hand mechanism is made of robust steel, while the phalanges and the cover are produced with advanced technopolymers.
This feature allows it to withstand high stresses while keeping the weight as low as possible.
High mechanical compliance will give you the confidence to dare more.


Adam’s Hand integrated Artificial Intelligence will be a loyal companion, guiding you throughout the learning process, thanks to a fast calibration procedure that will perfectly fit the device’s functioning to your muscular tone, every time, everywhere.

A complete system for maximum functionality.
Adam’s Hand accessories are designed to give you the best user experience with our device.

  • Accurate and fast reading of muscle signals

  • Compact and waterproof design (IP67)

  • Compatible with market standards

  • Hypoallergenic medical-grade steel contacts

  • Available in 50 and 60 Hz models

  • 950 mAh - 7,4 V capacity

  • 1 hour recharge with USB-C

  • Visual, acoustic and vibratory feedback

  • Remote firmware update

  • Integrated IMU for device control

Fully exploit Adam’s Hand integrated AI through   connection:

  • Adam's Hand calibration in a few seconds
  • Virtual model to train muscles
  • Patients database management for the orthopedic technician
  • Download and consultation of devices' manuals


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